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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"I remember"

"I remember when I cried in front of my wife and children".
"I remember how much I used to stutter".
"I remember how surprised I was when I discovered Red Skelton wasn't a scary show, but a comedy".
"I remember my aunt Mary Catherine, who gave me socks for Christmas...every year".
"I remember how much I wanted to be the center fielder for the New York Yankees".
"I remember my first 'F' on a written paper. College english 101. I was devastated".
"I remember waking up one morning on an overnight campout and there was a horse staring at me".
"I remember saying 'thank you' in reply to 'thank you' and then the other person didn't know what to say".
"I remember my first kiss, Jackie Meyers in sixth grade".
" I remember one very hot summer day I put ice cubes in my aquarium and all the fish died".
" I remember when I first met a gawky Luke Bishop at freshman registration. He was carrying a book on economics".
"I remember how my grandmas house always smelled funny".
" I remember when refrigerators were called ice boxes".
" I remember wishing my father would play catch with me".

                                                               The "I Remember" assignment
                                                                      Blog assignment #2

Okay, do you get the picture. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to brainstorm about some of your memories...big or small...important or completely meaningless...humorous or dreadful. Make a few notes on your memories until the point of your writing becomes clear to you. Once you have determined the direction your blog will take, create an outline of what you want to include. Then put your thoughts together in a rough draft of what you want to say. Now blog it. Be sure to polish and revise it. Consider the words you use. Sometimes the simplest words can create beautiful images. Please check spelling and grammar.

A few other requirements:
Use an effective AGD.
Include at least one quote. Please use it appropriately.
The length should be at least 400 words and no more than 500-600 words.
When finished, visit another classmate's blog. Read it and leave a comment.
Make it no more than five paragraphs, but don't consider it a five paragraph essay. That wouldn't be any fun.

Assignment is worth 50 points.

Grammar and spelling 10 points.
Following directions 10 points.
Use of quote 5 points.
Use of AGD 5 points.
Appropriate length 5 points.
Quality and style of writing 15 points (Be sure to stay consistent with point of view and tense)

Assignment is due on Tuesday, March 1st.
Please print a copy of  blog.

After getting this assignment, please leave a comment. 2 bonus points.

Good luck, have fun and write with style!!!


  1. fun! you have a gramer erur tho.

  2. Popsie, I loved reading this! I don't remember when you first cried in front of me if it makes you feel better!

  3. I'm working very hard not to troll this blog...

  4. I'm doing homework on a snowday, be proud.

  5. I feel that I have procrastinated long enough... I suppose I should start soon.

  6. What an assignment.

    My apologies to your fishies.

  7. Why do all grandmas have a house that smells funny? Hmm...

  8. Hey, I enjoyed this blog. I hope you like it, but probably won't.

  9. Like Brent, I've procrastinated once again...

  10. I have an aunt that gives the same exact gift every year too, except it's literally the same gift - an orange sweatshirt. The only difference is the size. I guess aunts can't figure out what to get their nieces and nephews.

  11. Pitt. You know that I can't limit my response to 600 words. The rambling tangential nature of my innermost... innards prevents it.

  12. well time to get writing i suppose....

  13. First LD prep. Now this. Next? More LD prep :D

  14. It's okay Mr. Pittman and Paris, I have the same problem too, but it is with my grandma. She gets me the exact same thing every year since I was six. She also does it with all of her other grandkids too. It is always $50 in the little money envelope with the circle window, and it always says "Abigail" on the outside. I guess I can't complain that much though because I can use this a lot more than socks or a sweater.

  15. ugh...this is just your special way to get more followers...

  16. Wow I just might be the last person to comment. This makes me feel as if I'm a horiable person.

  17. No, Tennisdreamer, I am attempting to be the last commentor. It would be smarter to leave a comment at about 4 A.M. just so it shows up at that time, but I chose not to. Comment. - Haden

  18. ill play catch with you Mr. Pittman!

  19. Abbey- You've got it good! My great grandma gets me a Barbie planner (although I'm almost 15), and gives me a card with money in it. I wouldn't complain, (hey, she put money in the card) except for the fact she spells my name wrong on the front of the envelope...every year...Ouch.

  20. I'm commenting now, but let it be known that I won't actually work on this until past midnight tonight. Public Forum work is kind of, A LOT, more important. Especially during Nat Quals week, just saying, not trying to ridicule you giving homework during Nat Quals week. (I <3 this sarcasm thing...)

  21. In response to young Brad Stanton's criticism of homework being given during Nat Qual Week...I would like to remind young Bradley that this assignment was given last Thursday. That is the Thursday of last week, not this week...over 100 hours ago... the day before a snow day...yes, thats right over four days ago. The real concern here Brad is what you should do about this serious problem you seem to have with procrastination. Just sayin'.

  22. Now Pitt, I have to stand up for my debate partner when he does stupid things, cause, well, he does for me. The point is not that the assignment was assigned last Thursday, but it was to be handed in on Tuesday. Thus, the assignment is put lower on my priority list of what I have to do. If you had it due on Friday (not knowing it was a snow day), your assignment would have been done first thing that night, and allotting me this time tonight to prepare for Nat Quals.
    A simple question to Pitt is, do you have a problem with procrastination yourself? Just askin'

  23. I have also procrastinated...badly...very badly.

  24. Hello. This is a comment. Hi pitt :)

  25. I'm starting this assignment now at 7:30 the night before its due.

  26. wow very last day i can get this done need to work.

  27. this was hard to get it started but now its really simple

  28. This is really hard. I think i disagree with barbo. Easy to start, hard to finish.

  29. Is it bad to comment AFTER you turn in the assignment? Oh well, at least I still beat Luke. :P